Slide Hello everyone, I’m Philippe-
data scientist
I bring together my expertise in data science, programming, research, and user-centered methodologies to help students, teams, and businesses understand their data, and develop products that people will use and enjoy!

Who am I?

I’ve worked in academic and business settings, at times doing more right brain work (imagining concepts, designing games, writing stories and the likes) and at times performing more left brain work (analyzing data, devising research protocols, programming scripts). Collaborating with research, product development, product design, engineering, and marketing departments encompasses the multiple sides of my personality and use my expertise at a very high level.

I analyze data using various statistical analyses. Python, R and SQL are at the heart of my toolbox. I have knowledge of machine learning (scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow) and Big Data (Spark)

I develop different types of interactive systems: websites (WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, NodeJS), custom scripts (PHP, Python), databases (MySQL, SQLite) and servers (Ubuntu, Centos, NodeJS ).

Thanks to a Ph.D. in psychology, I have expertise in human factors (ergonomics, psychometrics, experience design, interaction design) and in research methodologies.


I hold a PhD in General Psychology (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), where I developed new statistical approaches for human-centered research. I also hold a Master's degree in Cognitive Sciences (from the prestigious École Polytechnique de Paris). When I was a professor at the University (U of Montreal), I taught human factors (design of interactions & experiences), computer workshops and research methodologies. I was responsible for launching the first Canadian university graduate program in game design.

Professional experiences

My professional career is sparkled with a certain diversity in my research, teaching and employment themes. The common thread is strong skills in data science, technology, research methodologies and human factors. My varied experiences prove to be an undeniable asset for understanding current issues in data science and allow me to develop innovative solutions adapted to the needs that arise.