University education

Data science Certificate
Sept 2023 Aug 2023
Courses in data sciences, artificial intelligence and deep learning, big data, data warehouses
Ph.D. in General Psychology
1994 1999
Thesis title: The statistical analysis of dynamics and complexity in psychology: a configural approach. Director: Jean-Pierre Daulwalder (Lausanne); Jury: François Bavaud (Lausanne), Wolfgang Tschacher (Bern) & Patrick Mendelsohn (Geneva)
Master in Cognitive Sciences
Sept 1993 Sept 1994
Dissertation Title: The dynamics of decisions under uncertainty: an experimental study with the 2-armed bandit. Directors: Paul Bourgine (École Polytechnique) & Daniel Andler (Sorbonne)
Bachelor in General Psychology
1989 1993
Dissertation: The theory of complex dynamic systems. Research: Modeling the evolution of psychiatric patients’ states using two non-statistical methods.


I am the recipient of many scholarships, prizes and mentions


Ph. D.

Recipient of a Faculty Awards (October 2000), for the quality of the work



James Fraser Jewell Entrante Scholarship (McGill University, 1987)


Master in Cognitive Sciences

Mention, for the quality of research work