R, Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib/GGplot/..., Plotly/Dash, Tableau, Excel

MySQL, SQLite, JSON, MongoDB

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, NodeJS, PHP, BASH

GIT, GitHub, Terminal, SSH, FTP/SFTP

Supervised (Classification, Regression), Scikit-learn, Keras/TensorFlow

Apache, NGinx

DNS, cPanel, WHM, domain registration, SSL

WordPress (themes & plugins customisations, etc), WooCommerce



fully bilingual (Cambridge Proficiency Certificate, 1991)

Other qualifications

150 flight hours

Personal qualities

I love exploring and learning new topics, fields and avenues.

I develop projects and systems taking into account the multiple facets of the human being.

I get immense pleasure from generating ideas and using creative problem-solving methodologies.

I am comfortable in a variety of settings, formal or casual, academic or business, scientific or artistic.