Professional experiences

I've worked in academia and business settings, sometimes doing right-brain work (imagining concepts, designing games, writing stories, etc.) and sometimes doing more left-brain work (analyzing data, design research protocols, program scripts).

Full stack developer
2011 en cours
Full stack website development; programming in WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, NodeJS
Complete management of 40+ sites (domains, DNS, cPanel, emails, etc.)
Programming of systems to improve business productivity (scripts to manage/operate parts, products, orders; development of product configurators; bridge with the automation of technical drawings of parts (custom PHP/MySQL/NodeJS scripts), in a hybrid Linux/Windows environment
Consultant in technologies and data sciences
  • Creation of online surveys & statistical analyzes
  • Programming of questionnaires, scripts and databases; monitoring of investigations; data analyzes (descriptive, inferential, uni- and multivariate)
  • Google Analytics, SEO and reporting for websites.
Adjunct Professor
2002 2008
  • Teaching courses and workshops: Games, experiences and interactions; Psychometrics applied to design; Doctoral seminar (research methodologies);
  • Responsible for the D.E.S.S. program. in Game Design (development, start-up and coordination of the program)
  • Research: on experiences in video games (several articles and international conferences); on the design of experiences; on design patterns; on life cycle analyzes (CIRAIG: École Polytechnique – HEC Montréal – U de M); survey on functional comfort (Research Group on Work Environments - U de M);
2011 2016
  • Course Design & Puzzles (design, writing, illustration, layout, editing)
  • Creation of games, puzzles, stories, books and applications
  • Programming on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
  • Business management; development of the marketing plan; customer search
  • Logo design; design of the website, posters, etc.
Psychologist - web developer - data scientist
1999 2001
  • Chief Operating Officer; vice-president; technology manager
  • Designer of psychological assessment tools (non-technical skills assessment)
  • Designer/programmer of web tools (interface, scripts & databases)
  • Real-time statistical analyzes of individual profiles
  • Co-author of the patent concerning the evaluation system (USPTO #6 527 557; Canadian Intellec- tual Property Office #2 321 144)
Teaching Assistant (Statistics)
1997 1999
  • Responsible for practical work for the courses Multivariate Statistics (2nd cycle), and Methodology and Data Analysis (3rd cycle)
Teaching Assistant (Technologies & Education)
1998 1999
  • responsible for practical work for the courses Learning and Computer Environment (2nd cycle) and Introduction to Computer Science in Human Sciences (1st cycle)
Teaching Assistant (Psychologie)
1993 1998
  • supervision of students for the Differential Psychology course